The coil mechanisms removed from the top.

Wires come up from the bottom through the small hole and connect to the yellow coil.

The picture above is the coil that sometimes activates when a ball is about to drain out the side next to the left flipper.  It is called the Kickback and will kick back the ball into play. You can see it in the left picture at the very top, right above and to the left of the word SPACE.

This is the coil in the upper right that is the ball lock area

Next we have the ball lock area in the upper right of the playfield.  This is the area balls are stored at before multi-ball begins.  When multi-ball starts, or a game ends without achieving multi-ball, this coil will push the ball out onto the playfield.

Last is the ball trough coil.  When a player loses a ball, the ball comes here and then this coil fires and pushes the ball to the right to line it up with the others already there.

Ball trough reset at lower part of playfield